Natural Manicure Treatment

A luxurious hand and nail treatment

A natural nail care system using the latest anti-ageing products. This treatment is a facial for the hands and includes exfoliation and massage followed by a nourishing mask.

The cuticles are pushed back and tidied. The natural nail is filed and shaped. Using high quality prescriptive nail care the nails are painted in a colour of your choice.

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French Manicure

The timeless French style uses pinks, whites and neutral beige shades. For the Perfect French Manicure the nails need some length and all the nails need to be even in length. French polish is a popular request in nail studios and beauty salons for everyday look to special occasions.

Another appeal of the French Manicure is that it looks “professional”, yet in an understated way – not just bare nails, but enhanced for a neutral, yet polished groomed look. This makes it appealing for everyone, from teenagers to businesswomen, celebrities, brides and everyone from casual to formal – the French Manicure is a winner!